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Schnee-Schmelzmittel-Dihydrat-Kalziumchlorid (Schnee-Schmelzmittel)


Modell:  HCIM Series


Modell Nr .: HCIM Series Reinheitsgrad: 90% ~ 99% Grad Standard: Industriequalität Transport-Paket: Beutel / Glas / Eimer / Kartons / Palette Herkunft: Provinz Shandong, China Zertifizierung: CE, SGS, ISO, Reichweite Typ: Calciumchlorid Marke : Hotchem Spezifikation: Wie pro Anfrage 1. Trockenmittel:
Calcium Chloride
Content:74% 77% 90% 94%
Appearance:Powder Flake Granule Pellet
1.Melt Down To -25/-32ºC
2.Exothermic reaction generates heat to improve melting performance
3.No powdery residue
4.Begins melting ice on contact
\ n Schneeschmelze Produkte: \ n Snow Melt Agent Dihydrate Calcium Chloride (Snow Melting Agent) 2. Warum Qingdao Hotchem wählen?
1. Hotchem is the leading producer and repackager of Swimming Pool & Spa Chemicals
2. Hotchem is the leading producer and repackager of Moisture Absorbe
3. Hotchem is the leading supplier and repackager of Ice Melt
4. Hotchem is the leading supplier of Oil Drilling chemicals
5. Hotchem is the leading supplier and manufacture of package
Hotchem kann:
1. Hotchem not only is a factory but also we've more than 10 years exporting experience
2. Hotchem can supply special products. And also can pack many styles as requested
3. Hotchem can help to design and edit customers' artwork and labels
4. Hotchem can mix loading different products into one container
5. Hotchem provide the prompt shipment, documents and professional service
6. Hotchem can offer COA ,MSDS and REACH cerificates
\ n 3.Weclome zu besuchen und kontaktieren Sie uns bitte wie folgt:
Contact Person: Max (Miss Tang)
Mobile: +86-183 002 58027
Office Tel: +86-532-8502 6382
Office Fax: +86-532-8502 9087
Company Qingdao Hot Chemicals Co., Ltd.
17A Haili Building, Binhai Garden, No.1 Shandong Road, Qingdao, China
Postcode: 266071

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